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Usage of Paracord

Paracord is useful in just about any situation. Here we have compiled a list of paracord usage and what you can make with it.

  1. Handle wrap for knives, axes, hammer etc
  2. Traps/snares

  3. Shoe laces/boot laces
  4. Bow string
    The 550 lbs (or 250 kg) breaking strength of paracord allows archers to replace their bow string with it.
    This is a DIY bow handmade by one of our customers with fiberglass and paracord as the bow string:
    Paracord Bow String
  5. Tow rope

  6. Slingshot
  7. Lanyards for EDC: multitool, torch light, keys, knives
  8. Dental floss
    Imagine yourself being stuck in the wild, you don't have the luxury for a tooth pick around you. What do you do with the meat stuck between your teeth since the last meal? The paracord inner strand might help.
  9. Tourniquet
    One of the life-saving uses of paracord is to stop wounds from bleeding. Wrap around injured arms or legs with adequate tension to create a tourniquet which can compress the blood artery to prevent blood flowing to the bleeding wound.
  10. Fishing lines
    Let's say, an average bracelet is made with 7 ft of paracord where there are 7 inner 2-ply strands. That's total of nearly 100 ft (7 x 7 x 2 = 98 ft) of fishing line available for your use. If you are in the wild and running out of food, congratulation, fishing is an option for you if you have a paracord bracelet on your wrist.
  11. Fishing net
    If you have more paracord available, why not make a fishing net to hunt for more fishes?
  12. Waist belt
    Paracord Waist BeltParacord Waist Belt

    A paracord belt allows you to carry roughly 100 ft of paracord around your waist.
  13. Christmas wreaths
    Paracord Christmas WreathParacord Christmas Wreath
  14. Bottle wrap
  15. ID lanyards
  16. Hanging hammock

  17. Hammock

  18. Pet collar
  19. Slipper
  20. Survival Granade

  21. Clothes line *

  22. Sewing thread *

  23. Bear bag

  24. Necklace
  25. Watch straps
    15129405_1279596682111634_1068033281635230273_o.jpgWhatsApp Image 2018-04-11 at 07.17.09.jpegCIMG8614 (Small).JPG
  26. Monkey's fists

  27. Camera/binoculars straps (wrist or neck)
  28. Guitar sling

  29. Bra strap

  30. Wind chimes *

  31. Zipper pulls

  32. Dreams catcher

  33. Keychains/keyfobs
  34. Bracelets/wrist band

  35. Backpack strap

  36. Camping
    Lots of ropes are needed to build a camp!
    These are some photos shared by our customer:
  37. Bottle holder
  38. Glasses strap

  39. Wound stitching

  40. Cup/plate

  41. Gun sling

  42. Haath Phool
  43. Ring
  44. Woven handbags/backpack

  45. Hanging lines

  46. Rescue line

  47. Bullwhip

  48. Stringing mallet percussion instruments

  49. Chinese Knot

  50. Pouches for gadgets
  51. Pet leash
  52. Handcuff

  53. Can holder

If you have more ideas which we did not mention, let us know and we will add them to the list.

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