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Colours of the Month

Colours of the Month

Dear paracorders, we will select 3 colours on random every month to be the colours of the month.

20% discount for all selected colours
Applicable for all lengths
No repeat colours in a year

April 2020 - New Blue Camo, Chocolate Brown, OD & Moss Camo
March 2020 - Firefighter, Desert Camo, Tan 380
February 2020 - White, Neon Green Diamond, Lavender
January 2020 - Khaki, Colonial Blue, Imperial Red
December 2019 - Woodland Camo, Light Stripes, Goldenrod
November 2019 - Emerald Green, Arctic Digital, Scarlet Red
October 2019 - Purple, M Camo, F. S. Yellow
September 2019 - ACU Digital, Charcoal Grey, Purple Passion Camo
August 2019 - Silver Diamonds, Cheetah, Walnut
July 2019 - Shark Attack, Solar Orange, Coyote Brown
June 2019 - OD & Moss 50/50, Turquoise Diamonds, Dark Stripes
May 2019 - Burgundy, Urban Camo, Black

Stay tuned!

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