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Customize Handmade Paracord Wrist String Strap for Point & Shoot, Camcorders, GoPro and Handheld Devices

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Customize Handmade Paracord Wrist Strap for Point & Shoot, Camcorders, GoPro and Handheld Devices

The strap is handmade with 8 to 10 ft of original Type III 550 paracord manufactured in the USA and high quality hardwares with strong Micro 90 cord as the connector.
Each strand of paracord is able to withstand 550 lbs (or 249 kg) of weight.
The design is highly customizable.
More than 70 colours and patterns available for you to choose from.
String strap can be attached directly, suitable for cameras or devices without lug mount.
Please chat with us to confirm the sizing and colour before placing your order.


- Strong enough to support heavy devices up to 90 kg.
- 100% nylon-made paracord
- Stylish looking with minimalist design
- Easy to attach and detach
- Lightweight and comfortable to wear
- Made with strong and durable materials
- Handcrafted for each order
- Customizable to meet your requirements
- Paracord supply ready in hand for emergency uses


Please measure your wrist circumference to determine the size of the strap:
S - 16.5 cm and smaller
M - 16.5 cm to 19 cm
L - 19 cm and bigger 


Default Weave: Cobra (Other design accepted upon request)
Weight: Approximately 20 g

Shipping and handling

Your order will be shipped out the next working day (except customized items) after payment is confirmed.
Tracking number will be updated to your order.
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We are the largest USA-made paracord importer and specialist in Malaysia.
All of our paracords are imported from the certified direct suppliers to the United States Department of Defense.
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