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Type I 95 Microcord

Type I 95 Microcord

Type I 95 microcord is a great accessory cord for tasks that require less strength. It is slightly thicker than Micro 90 as it consists of 1 small core strand.

At only 1.8 mm diameter, it can be used as decorative cords for your craft such as macramé, bracelets or lanyards. You can also use it to start other smaller crafting projects.

Other uses might include: hanging string, windchime restring, window shades holder, etc.

Product details

High Quality Type I 95 Microcord

Material: 100% made of nylon
Diameter: Approximately 2 mm
Construction: Interwoven outer sheath with 1 core strands, 2-ply yarns
Breaking strength: Approximately 100 lbs or 45 kg
Origin of product: USA
Mold, mildew, rot and UV resistant