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How much cord do I need?

There is no definite answer for the question.

How much cordage is necessary depends on several factors:

1. The project you are working on, for example, a bracelet, pet collars, straps, belt etc..

2. The design and pattern of the weave you want to make. Single colour or mixed colours? How many core strands?

3. The size of the finished product (wrist size for bracelet, neck size for pet collars etc..)

As a general guide, a bracelet with simple design, such as two-core fishtail or cobra weaves, for average wrist size will require 6-8ft of cord.

Wider or thicker design may require 10-14ft of cordage.

A simple estimation will be 1 foot of cord for every inch of the bracelet. plus the cord to be used as the cores.

Cordage required (ft) = (Bracelet length (inch) x 1 ) + (Number of core strands x Bracelet length (ft))

For instance, we are going to estimate the paracord length required to make a single-colour, 2-core fishtail bracelet for a 6-inch wrist.

Cordage required = (6 x 1) + (2 x 0.5) = 7 ft

7 ft of paracord should be enough for the mentioned bracelet. Note that 6 inches equals to 0.5 ft after conversion of units. For thicker or wider designs, please take 1.5 ft to 2 ft per inch of the finished product for the calculation.

The length options we provide for each color, for the suggested number of bracelets you need to make:

  • 8 ft for 1 bracelet
  • 15 ft for 2 bracelets
  • 30 ft for 4 bracelets
  • 50 ft for 7-8 bracelets
  • 100 ft for 14-15 bracelets

Note: The above estimation should work in most of the settings. Please do your own research to get the actual length you need for the project you are working on. However, it is always recommended to begin with slightly longer cord to prevent the regrettable moments!