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Our Story - How Paracord Fever Started

Back in the year 2015, we stumbled upon a video tutorial on making a simple yet elegant-looking paracord bracelet. Eager to try out, we began sourcing paracord materials in the local market. Unfortunately, the local supplies did not live up to our expectation. Disappointed, we went ahead and put our hope in the USA market - where the paracord was originally invented and manufactured since the World War II. Although the cost was high, we were very pleased with the quality of the paracord. They were round and fully filled while the colours were so rich in vibrancy.

We had a lot of fun crafting with paracord while watching thousands of step-by-step tutorials on YouTube for various designs. Apart from paracord bracelets, we also made some key fobs, lanyards, straps and even waist belts. After all, these items have become part the our Everyday-Carry (EDC) collection.

The whole process of learning, planning, designing and actually crafting was so therapeutic that paracording eventually became a hobby for us. Soon, our paracord supply was fully consumed. Reluctant to waste our money on low-quality paracord, "why not we bring good-quality paracord into the market and start distributing it to those who in need?", we thought.

Paracord Fever was then founded in January 2016.

We started selling on various platforms. We kept trying though the response was somewhat discouraging. Not long after that, paracord bracelet became a hot and fashionable accessories. People started to learn about the benefits of paracord and making their own accessories.

We have also since been supplying paracord to fellow bracelets makers. Eventually, some have asked whether we would continue supplying it, and they would want to make us their permanent distributor in the future. That was when we realized it was more than just a business, we are also helping others to generate extra incomes.

We would like to thank all our paracorders for the continuous support and making this website possible. We will continue to expand our product range to satisfy your paracording needs!

This website is created to include all our products and services for easy references, and make ordering process much easier and efficient.

Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for exciting new product and promotional announcements.