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Type III 550 Paracord - Titanium

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Product details

High quality Type III 550 Survival Paracord for bracelet making, knitting, camping and more!

Material: 100% made of nylon
Construction: 32 interwoven sheath, 7 core strands, 2-ply yarns
Diameter: approximately 4 mm
Breaking strength: 250 kg or 550 lbs
Origin of product: USA
Mold, mildew, rot and UV resistant

What is paracord?

Read: A brief introduction to paracord.

Unlimited uses of paracord:

Paracord bracelet, wrist band, waist belt, necklace, keychains, guitar sling, camera straps, pet collar, pet leash, hammock, dreamcatchers, can holder, monkey's fists and many more!

EDC (Everyday-carry)
Lanyards or handle wrap for tools such as multi-tool, torch light and keys.

Emergency uses
Replace broken zipper pull, shoe-laces, bra strap and etc. Inner thread can be used as sewing thread, fishing line (or make a fishing net with it), clothes line, and even dental floss.

Survival in the wild
Camping, building traps and snares, tourniquet to stop bleeding, rescue line, bow string, bear bag.

Tell us more
The usage of paracord is basically limited by your creativity and imagination. Know about more? Kindly share your thought with us.

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